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PSDExplorer Launch & Layout Lab Giveaway (Closed)

PSDExplorer Launch & Layout Lab Giveaway (Closed)

To celebrate the launch of, Blaz Robar from The Layout Lab has kindly provided us with 5 free kits to give out to our readers (sweet!). Learn more about PSDExplorer and the Layout Lab giveaway below!

About PSDExplorer

PSDExplorer is a one stop shop for designers looking for inspiration and free psd flies. As I find useful files I add them to the site creating a comprehensive library of buttons, browsers & displays, slider designs, website layouts, and more. And if you find anything awesome that I’m missing, you can always submit the file for me to add! I hope you enjoy the site and that you continue to come back. New files will be added constantly so visit often!

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The Layout Lab Giveaway

The Layout lab is a site created by Blaz Robar a web designer based in Australia, in Melbourne. In his spare time he creates awesome free PSD’s to share with the world and recently he started the Layout Lab where he sells several UI kits which you can purchase to use on your web design projects to help speed them up.

The Layout Lab has been kind enough to giveaway 5 copies of their Web UI Kit & Mobile UI Kit Bundle. This awesome set has more than 20 complete, layered psd files with 400+ PSD UI elements. Basically everything you could ever need is included in these insane psd kits. And since the two kits included are for web and mobile elements, you can design for responsive projects or even apps. Take a peak at the kits here.

Enter via RaffleCopter

Note: You don’t have to do each thing. But you will receive an entry point for each task you complete.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway Details

  • How many winners? – 5 random winners
  • What you can win? – a psd kit worth $30 from The Layout Lab


Disclosure: This page contains external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a comission if you choose to purchase said product. The opinions on this page are our own. We do not receive payment for positive reviews.
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Hey, my name is Kyla and I am the boss around here. As the girlfriend of a web designer I'm constantly helping him find resources and inspiration. I've decided to create this site to share my findings. I hope you enjoy!

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  1. Mario
    September 24, 2012/

    I need this kit! I want that because they’re amazing and will help me in some projects 🙂

  2. Matt Zimmermann
    September 24, 2012/

    Excellent contest. Good luck to all who enter

  3. Fery Wardiyanto
    September 24, 2012/

    Did you know? some designers need create a better product presentations to their clients. That shown how the applications looks on desktop browser, tablet browser or even on mobile browser and much more of course. The main point is, it’s should be an easiest way to make better and fast productifity.

    Final words, sorry for my english 😉

  4. Chandra
    September 24, 2012/

    It will be greatly help to quickly mock a site.

  5. Kyle Stearns
    September 25, 2012/

    Looks like some quality stuff as always; will definitely consider a purchase even if I don’t prevail in the drawing.

  6. Justin M
    September 25, 2012/

    I always love learning about new sites like yours! I wish you all the best!

  7. Mokh. Rofiudin
    September 25, 2012/

    Thank’s for this giveaway. I appreciate that. 🙂

  8. Leonardo Wyskiel
    September 25, 2012/

    Great KIT! Thanks!!

  9. Jared Hardwick
    September 25, 2012/

    This is awesome! Very exciting news.

  10. Rodolfo Rodrigues
    September 25, 2012/

    I want it!

  11. Katie
    September 25, 2012/

    Would love to use these for future sites!

  12. Cormac McCann
    September 26, 2012/

    This is possibly the best idea I’ve seen in a long time! encouraging creativity and helping the creatives and programmers alike to help visualise their design!

  13. Ejaz
    September 27, 2012/

    Best of Luck Kyla with the new website, I would expect some awesome PSDs.

  14. Keith
    September 27, 2012/

    Sample pack looks great.

  15. Bruno
    September 27, 2012/

    Very nice giveaway! Thanks!

  16. Vicky
    September 27, 2012/

    Cool ., nice start 🙂 best luck ..
    I have liked the orange template a lot.,
    but I don’t know how to create a WordPress theme for it .,
    so can you help me please ?

    Dose this layout builder can be the solution ?

  17. Blake
    September 27, 2012/

    Looking forward to keeping an eye on this site. Thanks for the chance to win.

  18. Paulo Vieira
    September 27, 2012/

    Thanks for the giveway, hope I can grab one kit!

  19. James Kirk
    September 27, 2012/

    Resources are great. FREE AWESOME resources are, well, awesome!

    Might consider prominently placing this contest info on the front page of the site? Make it a lot easier to get to if not clicking directly to this page!

    Thanks for the groovy stuff!

  20. Aj Clarke
    September 27, 2012/

    Hey Vicky, it’s actually a very long process to take a PSD and turn it into a WP theme. I would suggest maybe starting with a theme like the default WordPress theme or a framework like the Skeleton or Bootstrap theme and then adapting the CSS according to the PSD.

  21. sina
    September 28, 2012/

    I know that i win this giveaway!I know.

  22. Damian
    September 28, 2012/

    Great resources!
    Who wouldn’t want it?

  23. Chris
    September 28, 2012/

    Building great websites is awesome. Building great websites faster is awesome-er. Building great website faster for both desktop and mobile platforms is super-fantastico-bueno! I’d love to get my hands on such an asset to making my design life more super-fantastico-bueno! Who wouldn’t?

  24. A
    September 29, 2012/


  25. Tim
    September 29, 2012/

    This looks like a great tool for prototyping and building great websites faster!

  26. Josh
    September 29, 2012/

    I build WordPress themes freelance, and this looks like the tool I’ve been looking for. It’s tough to mock up layouts etc. to show to clients quickly and I think this is just the thing to speed up that process!

  27. Michelle
    September 30, 2012/

    WP is my favorite! and this should do with my WP exploration as Im still a noob! lol!

  28. Michi
    September 30, 2012/

    hope I’ll win….got a domain name that needs an awesome website and this must be the solution! Now…fingers crossed! xoxo

  29. David
    October 2, 2012/

    thank you for this little contest;-) as we say in France “fingers crossed” to win

  30. Ana
    October 4, 2012/

    Well my day just got better! I already have ideas for projects that I am working on where I could really use these!

  31. krystal
    October 4, 2012/

    tryin to win

  32. Josh
    October 5, 2012/

    Looks great for prototyping and everything like that!

  33. Dinesh
    October 6, 2012/

    Its a fantastic giveaway hope i could win because the prize is precious to me as it will help me in a lot of my incomplete ideas

  34. Bryce
    October 7, 2012/

    Nice comp!

  35. James Kirk
    October 9, 2012/

    Woo Hoo! Nice, nice, nice! Thanks so much. I’ll be writing this up on my site for sure. Thanks again!

  36. Ejaz
    October 9, 2012/

    Thanks Kyla and PSD Explore for an excellent giveaway. Not only the giveaway, your collection of files is also awesome. Best of Luck and may you prosper leaps and bound.

  37. Badhon Ebrahim
    October 12, 2012/


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